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The Task Force contains some of the world's leading climate experts and shapers of opinion and policy


Mikhail Gorbachev

Nobel Peace Laureate

Former Soviet President, Nobel Prize Laureate and reformer, he founded the Gorbachev Foundation in 1992, a think tank for international issues and Green Cross International in 1993 to expedite solutions to environmental problems that transcend national boarders. He has created and leads the Climate Change Task force to address the challenges of Climate Change and reach out to political leaders and the public at large.

Recipient of numerous awards and honors including the recent EMA Free Your Mind Award, he continues to rally for world peace, global security and environment.

In response to the climate change crisis he created The Climate Change Task Force (CCTF) to consolidate the efforts of the Nobel Peace Laureates, the Club or Rome, the Club of Madrid, Green Cross International and other organizations in order to: 1) maximize the Copenhagen outcome, 2) re-calibrate the international response to climate change in line with the threat to human security and development, 3) promote the active engagement of civil society in the search of solutions to the climate challenge.

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